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Climate Change - An Object Presentation of Facts and Issues


Climate change produces strong debate on both sides, those who believe it is largely caused by the activities of mankind, and those who believe it is largely caused by natural events. Those who disavow mankind's responsibility in climate change see their opponents as left wing crazies, or seeking to profit from hysteria. The proponents of climate change is caused by mankind vilify their opponents calling them "flat earthers" and every insult possible, and seek to persecute them.

We therefore expect that these pages will please few people. "Climate deniers", as those who believe nature causes climate change are called by their philosophical opposites, will challenge data presented and conclusions. And those who see the end of the world if mankind doesn't immediately turn off fossil fuel-based power plants, and switch to windmills and solar panels, will be equally incensed.

Our position is that the scientific method requires open, rational, calm and full debate to discover the truth, so we will present BOTH sides of the subject here. Vilify us if you like, but from the age of Copernicus, time has proven this approach correct.

What is climate change? Photo of two windmills in a grassy field




What can we do about the changing climate?

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