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Useful to Small Business Compliance Assistance Providers and Small Business

bulletT003-98 EPA On-Line - videotape(s) & guide bulletT004-97 Fundamentals of New Source Review and Prevention of Significant Deterioration - bullet1 videotape & guide bulletT005-97 Accident Prevention and Risk Management: The Challenge - 2 videotapes & guide bulletT006-97 Compliance Assurance Monitoring and Flexible Permitting - videotape(s) & guide bulletT013-97 How to Comply with Good Laboratory Practices Regulations - 3 videotapes & guide bulletT014-97 Performing Safety Audits and Hazard Evaluation Reviews (labs) - videotape(s) & guide bulletT024-97 Medical Waste Incineration (Day 2) - videotape(s) & guide bulletT062-95 Title V Permitting: Improved Implementation Options - 2 videotapes & guide bulletT350-97 Asbestos NESHAP Inspection & Safety Procedures Workshop - 4videotapes & manual bulletT400-97 Introduction to Hazardous Air Pollutants - 1 videotape & manual bulletSI416 Inspection Procedures for Organic Solvent Metal Cleaning (Degreasing) Operations bulletSI428A Introduction to Boiler Operation bulletSI460 Introduction to Permitting

Useful to Small Business Compliance Assistance Providers and Small Businesses in Need of Background Information

bulletRE100 Prerequisite Reading on Control Technology bulletSI100 Mathematics Review for Air Pollution Control bulletSI300 Introduction to Air Pollution Toxicology bulletSI400 Introduction to Risk Assessment/Risk Management bulletSI412A Fabric Filter Operation Review bulletSIV113b Pulse Jet and Reverse Air Fabric Filters: Operating Principles and Components, bullet20-min videotape bulletSI412B Electrostatic Precipitator Plan Review bulletSI412C Wet Scrubber Plan Review bulletSIV113d Venturi Scrubbers: Operating Principles and Components, 20-min videotape bulletSI417 Controlling VOC Emissions from Leaking Process Equipment bulletSI422 Air Pollution Control Orientation Course bulletSI431 Air Pollution Control Systems for Selected Industries bulletSI445 Introduction to Baseline Source Inspection Techniques bulletSI446 Inspection Procedures and Safety bulletSI473A Introduction to Environmental Statistics bulletSI476A Transmissometer Systems - Operation and Maintenance bulletSI476B Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems - Operation and Maintenance of Gas Monitors bulletSIV113A Particle Formation and Behavior, 18-min videotape bulletT001-98 Indoor Air Symposium - 3 videotapes & guide

Explanation of Numbering:

SI = Self-instructional manual
T = Videotape of broadcast with manual/guide
SIV = Self-instructional videotape
-97 = Year of broadcast

How to obtain materials:

SBAP's and SBO's located in State air agencies should contact their agency Air Pollution Distance Learning Network site coordinator for copies of SB and T videotapes with accompanying manuals/guides. For APTI SI courses and SIV videotapes, SBAP's and SBO's can contact Janyce Riess at 919-541-2353.

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