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Free Environmental, Health & Safety Training Publications for Small Businesses

Small Business Environmental Training Resources and Links

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Useful to Small Business Compliance Assistance Providers and Small Business

  • T003-98 EPA On-Line - videotape(s) & guide
  • T004-97 Fundamentals of New Source Review and Prevention of Significant Deterioration -
  • 1 videotape & guide
  • T005-97 Accident Prevention and Risk Management: The Challenge - 2 videotapes & guide
  • T006-97 Compliance Assurance Monitoring and Flexible Permitting - videotape(s) & guide
  • T013-97 How to Comply with Good Laboratory Practices Regulations - 3 videotapes & guide
  • T014-97 Performing Safety Audits and Hazard Evaluation Reviews (labs) - videotape(s) & guide
  • T024-97 Medical Waste Incineration (Day 2) - videotape(s) & guide
  • T062-95 Title V Permitting: Improved Implementation Options - 2 videotapes & guide
  • T350-97 Asbestos NESHAP Inspection & Safety Procedures Workshop - 4videotapes & manual
  • T400-97 Introduction to Hazardous Air Pollutants - 1 videotape & manual
  • SI416 Inspection Procedures for Organic Solvent Metal Cleaning (Degreasing) Operations
  • SI428A Introduction to Boiler Operation
  • SI460 Introduction to Permitting

Useful to Small Business Compliance Assistance Providers and Small Businesses in Need of Background Information

  • RE100 Prerequisite Reading on Control Technology
  • SI100 Mathematics Review for Air Pollution Control
  • SI300 Introduction to Air Pollution Toxicology
  • SI400 Introduction to Risk Assessment/Risk Management
  • SI412A Fabric Filter Operation Review
  • SIV113b Pulse Jet and Reverse Air Fabric Filters: Operating Principles and Components,
  • 20-min videotape
  • SI412B Electrostatic Precipitator Plan Review
  • SI412C Wet Scrubber Plan Review
  • SIV113d Venturi Scrubbers: Operating Principles and Components, 20-min videotape
  • SI417 Controlling VOC Emissions from Leaking Process Equipment
  • SI422 Air Pollution Control Orientation Course
  • SI431 Air Pollution Control Systems for Selected Industries
  • SI445 Introduction to Baseline Source Inspection Techniques
  • SI446 Inspection Procedures and Safety
  • SI473A Introduction to Environmental Statistics
  • SI476A Transmissometer Systems - Operation and Maintenance
  • SI476B Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems - Operation and Maintenance of Gas Monitors
  • SIV113A Particle Formation and Behavior, 18-min videotape
  • T001-98 Indoor Air Symposium - 3 videotapes & guide

Explanation of Numbering:

SI = Self-instructional manual
T = Videotape of broadcast with manual/guide
SIV = Self-instructional videotape
-97 = Year of broadcast

How to obtain materials:

SBAP's and SBO's located in State air agencies should contact their agency Air Pollution Distance Learning Network site coordinator for copies of SB and T videotapes with accompanying manuals/guides. For APTI SI courses and SIV videotapes, SBAP's and SBO's can contact Janyce Riess at 919-541-2353.

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