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Small Business Environmental Resources - FAQs

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Small Business Questions and Answers
  • Do I need an Environmental Permit for my business?
  • How do I register a pesticide?
  • Where can I find TRI data?
  • How can I report an environmental emergency?
  • How can I submit a comment on proposed environmental regulations?
  • Where can I get information on loans, grants, and financial assistance for starting a new business?
  • Is it ok for me to link to the EPA Web site from my Web site?
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    Do I need an Environmental Permit for my business?
    Permits for business are usually administered at the state or local community level. Contact your State Environmental Agency for assistance with this matter.

    How do I register a pesticide?
    EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs has prepared a Pesticide Registation Kit. You can access this Kit and other pesticide registration information on the web at:

    Where can I find TRI data?
    Visit EPA's Toxics Release Inventory webpage at: The EPCRA Hotline answers TRI related questions. The EPCRA Hotline toll free number is (800) 424-9346. For callers in the DC area, please call (703) 412-9810. Also, the TDD is (800) 553-7672.

    How can I report an environmental emergency?
    Environmental emergencies such as oil and chemical spills should be reported immediately to the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802. For more information on environmental emergencies, visit EPA's Concerned Citizens' Environmental Emergencies page.

    How can I submit a comment on proposed environmental regulations?
    Comments on proposed rules should be submitted to the EPA docket for the regulatory area that oversees the rule. Many dockets accept comments via e-mail. Consult our list of EPA dockets for the address, telephone number and e-mail address for the docket you may wish to contact.

    Where can I get information on loans, grants, financial and paperwork assistance, and startup advice for starting a new business?
    You can access this information on the U.S. Small Business Administration Web site at: [exit epa]

    Is it ok for me to link to the EPA Web site from my Web site?
    EPA is happy to have anyone link to our site from personal or organizational Web sites, as long as EPA endorsement or approval is not implied. For the same reason, we do not provide links from our site back to yours.

  • Tools and Resources
    State Contacts - Provides a lists of small business assistance programs contacts in your state.
    Laws and Regulations
    This provides a listing of a number of links including: Federal Laws, the Code of Federal Regulations and Proposed and Final Regulations.
    Compliance Assistance - EPA Region 3 Office of Enforcement Compliance and Environmental Justice information.
    Energy Star for Small Business - Compare your energy costs to those of similar organizations. Measure your building's energy consumption and improve your bottom line through increased energy and environmental performance. Helps you earn or purchase products with the ENERGY STAR label.
    Environmental Technology Verification Program - ETV was created to verify the performance of innovative technical solutions to problems that threaten human health or the environment and to substantially accelerate the entrance of new environmental technologies into the domestic and international marketplace.
    Grasping for Air - Small Business Guide to Key Federal and State Air Regulations - This guide helps small businesses understand federal and mid-atlantic states Clean Air Act regulations by putting environmental requirements into plain language.
    Hotline/Help Line Phone Numbers - Listing of EPA and other hotline and help line phone numbers.
    Maryland Business-Industry Compliance Assistance Project - Under an EPA cooperative grant partnership, the Maryland Department of the Environment and College of Southern Maryland developed training materials (including videos) to reduce pollution generated by the ready-mix concrete, aggregate, marina, and home building sectors.
    Metal Finishing Industry - Compliance assistance and technical information for the metal finishing industry,
    Metal Finishing Strategic Goals Program - The Strategic Goals Program (SGP) is a cooperative effort between EPA and key industry leaders and important stakeholders in the metal finishing industry to promote cleaner, cheaper and smarter business solutions to improve environmental protection.
    Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange - Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange is a national network of regional centers dedicated to improving the dissemination of pollution prevention information in the service provider community. The Site contains links to P2 information on topic ranging from autobody repair to ship building.
    Risk Management Plans Third Party Audit Pilot Project - This pilot program tests the concept of using qualified third party auditors to perform audits and thereby assist small businesses with evaluating their risk management plans.
    Small Business Compliance Assistance Directory - Directory of compliance assistance organized on a state-by-state basis, of entities providing regulatory compliance assistance.
    Small Business Opportunities - Opportunities for Small/Small Disadvantaged/Woman-Owned and Minority Businesses to contract with EPA and the Federal Government.
    Storm Water Compliance Assistance Project - EPA Region III has recently completed internet accessible storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs) for seven (7) small business industrial sectors. The SWPPPs are required under the Storm Water Control regulations of the Clean Water Act. The model plans can be used as templates for developing a SWPPP.
    Waste Minimization Program - The Region 3 Waste Minimization Team, comprised of EPA and state members, offer free, non-regulatory site visits to businesses generating hazardous waste.