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Free Environmental, Health and Safety Assistence for Small Businesses

Small Business Environmental Compliance Assistance


EPA Small Business Ombudsman - The SBO provides guidance and explanations of environmental regulations. SBO Hotline 1-800-368-5888.

EPA Small Business Assistance Program
The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 required that all States develop a program to assist small businesses in meeting the requirements of the Act. Since then, these programs have expanded to provide assistance in other environmental areas, including water and waste issues. EPA has established this Program to provide technical assistance to these State programs.

  • State Small Business Assistance Programs - a contact listing including State toll free hotline numbers, as well as addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail links for the State Small Business Ombudsmen and technical assistance programs.

  • Other State Assistance Programs - websites of State Environmental Agencies, Small Business Assistance Programs, Pollution Prevention Programs and Compliance Assistance Programs.

EPA Small Business Training - This national outreach effort provides industry-specific telecasts, videotapes, and manuals on air rules affecting small businesses.

EPA Watershed Academy - EPA's Watershed Academy provides training and information on implementing watershed approaches to local, state, tribal, and federal officials and private practitioners of watershed management.

Ozone Depletion Resource Center: Information for Businesses - find information regarding CFCs, many refrigerants, related regulations and guidance.

Risk Management Program & Chemical Accident for businesses - find information regarding EPA's Risk management program, RMP and chemical software, and EPCRA Tier II information.

Pesticides and Worker Safety - This Program strives to protect workers performing hand labor operations in fields treated with pesticides, workers in or on farms, forests, nurseries, and greenhouses, and pesticide handlers who mix, load, apply, or otherwise handle pesticides.

EPA Hotlines - The EPA has many hotlines that answer questions dealing with subjects from acid rain to lead to wetlands.

Helpful U.S. EPA Websites:

U.S. EPA Small Business Gateway Page -
U.S. EPA Small Business Assistance Program -
U.S. EPA Small Business Ombudsman -
U.S. EPA Compliance Assistance Centers -
U.S. EPA Enviro$sen$se -

Other Helpful Websites:

Small Business Environmental Home Page -
Small Business Development Centers -
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable -
Manufacturing Extension Partnership -

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Compliance Assistance

Policy on Compliance Incentives For Small Businesses - if you have a potential compliance problem, this is EPA's policy designed to reduce potential liability.

Compliance Assistance Centers
EPA has partnered with industrial sector representatives who specialize in compliance and pollution prevention techniques for their industry. Select from the list of Compliance Assistance Centers below.

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