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General Environmental and Waste Publications and Guides

EPA Publications - Request free publications the National Center for Environmental Publications and Information (NCEPI) catalog and download online EPA publications.

Hazardous Waste Permitting Guide (EPA530-F-96-007)
This document explains the regulations concerning facilities that treat, store, and dispose of hazardous wastes.

Understanding the Hazardous Waste Rules : A Handbook for Small Businesses (EPA530-K-95-001)
This is the updated of the original 1986 handbook aimed at small quantity generators of hazardous wastes.

Decision Makers' Guide to Solid Waste Management (EPA530-R-95-023)
This guide contains information for Solid Waste practitioners in terms of planning, managing, and operating municipal solid waste (MSW) programs and facilities.

POTENTIAL TO EMIT GUIDE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES. One way to to find out which requirements in the Clean Air Act apply to a small business is to figure a business's potential to emit. This guide uses a Q & A format to answer: What is potential to emit? and How do I figure out the potential to emit for my business? The Guide is available in the Portable Document Format (PDF) 800KB, 46 pages. ehso blue lightbar

Key Small Business Environmental Compliance Publications

Materials Which Can be Downloaded

Files identified as '.TXT' are ASCII text and can be viewed with any text editor or in your browser. The '.WPD' extensions reflect WordPerfect files and must be loaded into WordPerfect for display. Compressed files have the '.ZIP' extension and must be decompressed using PKUNZIP available in the File Compression Utilities section of the TTN Top Menu
A Resource Directory of Small Business Environmental Assistance Providers
Documenting Your Environmental Management Plan--A Workbook for Small Business
Environmental Assistance Services for Small Businesses
Environmental Management Guide for Small Laboratories
EPA SBD/SBO 2003-2004 Review & Outlook, Presentation for SBA Environmental Roundtable, January 30, 2004
Funding Opportunities
Guidelines for the Implementation of Section 507 of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments
Innovating for Better Environmental Results: A Report on EPA Progress from the Innovation Action Council (April 2004)
Key Contacts in the Small Business Community
Little Known But Allowable Ways to Deal with Hazardous Waste
Opening Doors for America's Small Businesses
Practical Guide to Environmental Management for Small Business
Regulations: A Vital Tool for Protecting Public Health and the Environment (EPA) (July 2003)
Remarks of Governor Christine Todd Whitman, National Summit on Small Business and the Environment, March 13, 2003
Report on Ten State Demonstration Projects (1999-2001)
Small Business Assistance Programs (SBAPs) factsheet
The Small Business Environmental Assistance Site Visit Manual
The Small Business Source Book on Environmental Auditing
Small Business Strategy (Final, June 23, 2003)
Summary of EPA Small Business Initiatives and Activities
Understanding the Hazardous Waste Rules: A Handbook for Small Business

These are the entire list of EPA Publications for Small Businesses as listed in the semi-annual newsletter published by the EPA SBO. Select a category below to see the document list. Note: you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 to view some files.

General Publications - EPA
Information on Small Business
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
CERCLA - Superfund
Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)
Clean Water Act (CWA)
Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)
Clean Air Act (CAA)
General Publications - EPA
Information on Small Business
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
General Information
Pollution Prevention
Land Disposal Restrictions/Waste Definitions
Waste Minimization, Recycling and Disposal Information
Used Oil Information
Small Quantity Generator Information
Underground Storage Tank (UST) Information
Infectious/Medical Waste Information
CERCLA - Superfund
Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)
General Information
Chemical Advisories
Asbestos in Schools Information
General Asbestos Information
General Lead Information
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)
Clean Water Act (CWA)
Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)
Clean Air Act (CAA)
Protection of Stratospheric Ozone Rulemaking Items
Clean Air Act Small Business Guidance Items
Title III, Section 313, Release Reporting
Title III Guidance, Rules, and Publications

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EPA Small Business Industry-specific Publications

File NameDateDescription
order5.wpd5-15-97Abstracts and Order Form for DFE Publications
woolfs.wpd5-13-97Fact Sheet-Prop. NESHAP Mineral Wool Product.
112app_b.wpd5-13-97Section 112(r) regulated substances table
112apdet.wpd4-24-97Section 112(r) guidance-text
phosfs.wpd4-21-97Fact Sheet-Triple Superphosphate Perf. Std.
chrome1.wk44-8-97Daily work practice logs for electroplaters.
chrome1.wpd4-8-97Iowa Guide on Chromium Electroplat'g NESHAP.
factfoam.wpd12-31-96Fact Sheet-Prop. MACT for Polyurethane Foam
112gfact.wpd12-26-96Fact Sheet for final sec. 112(g) regulation.
audappc.wpd11-14-96App. C for IOWA Manual.
auditman.wpd11-14-96Iowa SB Env. Assistance Site Visit Manual.
ctgadden.wpd10-22-96FR Notice-RACT Implem. for Wood Manuf. Oper.
amenddry.wpd9-26-96Fact Sheet-modified dry cleaning MACT
aimfact.wpd6-25-96Fact Sht. VOC controls on architect. coatings
mwisupp.wpd6-18-96Fact Sheet-Suppl. Info on Med. Waste Inciner.
factdefr.wpd6-11-96Fact Sheet for area source deferral rule.
woodctg.wpd5-20-96Fact Sheet for wood furniture CTG (Final).
prinfact.wpd5-20-96Fact Sheet-Final air toxics rule for printing
autofact.wpd5-2-96Fact Sheet on proposed auto refinishing rule.
asbgdbbs.wpd4-30-96Air emissions guide for asbestos processors.
masprint.wpd4-11-96Mass. Printers Partnership Workbook (3-96).
resource.wpd4-7-97Expanded (1-97) catalog of St./EPA materials.
smalbsns.wpd4-8-96Text of SB Regul. Enforcement Fairness Act.
envcons.txt3-25-96Illinois Guide on Selecting Env. Consultants.
cremate.txt9-11-95Regulations Affecting Cremation Industry
cp_fact.wpd3-28-96Fact Sheet VOC Rule for Consumer Products
aerofact.wpd8-1-95Fact Sheet - Final NESHAP Aerospace
woodfac.wpd11-27-95Fact Sheet - Wood Furniture NESHAP
asbestfs.wpd11-20-95Fact Sheet - Removal of Asb. Proc. Category

Year 2000 Drycleaner Compliance Schedule

Florida's SBAP has made this useful compliance tool available through their website. The Year 2000 Drycleaner Calendar is in Portable Document Format (PDF), 27 pages.

Architectural Coatings Guide

EPA is pleased to announce the availability of the Small Entity Compliance Guide: National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for Architectural Coatings (EPA-453/R-99-003). This Compliance guide will help architectural coating manufacturers and importers, particularly those who are small entities, understand and comply with the standards. The rule was published on September 11, 1998 (63 FR 48848) and amended on June 30, 1999 (64 FR 34997). Copies are included in Appendix A of the compliance guide. An electronic copy of the guide is available on EPA's website for the coatings rule and may be downloaded and printed using the Adobe Acrobat software.

Urban Air Toxics Strategy Document

On July 6, 1999 EPA's Air Toxics Strategy was signed. Several items related to this action are available on EPA's Urban Air Toxics Web Site , including the Strategy Document, a 7 page Fact Sheet and a brochure.

Information on Regional Haze Rule (4/99)

The final rule (issued 4/99) and a simple three-fold brochure are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) at the Office of Air & Radiation Visibility Web Site.

Guide to Choosing an Environmental Consultant

New York's Small Business Assistance Program has issued a guide so that small businesses that need to hire an environmental professional can make an informed decision. Includes guidance on the proposal process, questions to ask prospective consultants and tips for negotiating a contract. An electronic version of the guide is available in the Portable Document Format.

Status of Future Deferrals and Exemptions of Area Sources--Title V Permits

April 15, 1999 letter from EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards in Portable Document Format. Enclosures address relationship of Part 70 rules for nonmajor and area sources to those for Parts 60 and 61 (dealing with NSPS and NESHAP respectively).

Plain Language Guide to the Flexible Polyurethane Foam Production NESHAP

This document is a zipped file in WordPerfect 8.0 format. It provides an overview of the Flexible Foam NESHAP and includes final Amendments published in 10/98. Following the overview, also includes requirements summaries, calculations and procedures, notification and reporting, and chapters on getting additional help and supplemental information. Access to the Foam Guide can he obtained through EPA's Urban Air Toxics Web site.

Environmental Management Guide for Small Laboratories

This July 1998 guide was prepared for EPA's Small Business Ombudsman's Office to assist those responsible for administering or improving environmental management programs at small laboratories. It outlines management and Federal regulatory issues for small lab env. mgmt., but does not describe in detail all required factors and considerations. Issues related to air emissions, water discharges, hazardous and non-hazardous wastes and P2/waste minimization are covered in some detail. Other issues, including pesticides, drinking water, toxic substances and underground storage tanks are also discussed. The Small Laboratory Guide is available from EPA's Small Business Ombudsman Web site in Portable Document Format (PDF) 214KB, 60 pages.

1998 Resource Guide for Small Business Air Emission and Multimedia Assistance

The Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC) has recently released it's latest edition of this popular and comprehensive guide to locating services and materials useful to assistance providers and others involved in helping small businesses with environmental regulations and pollution prevention. A notable feature of this latest edition is a search engine which allows users to search for information of interest and to provide PC screen displays of each page within the Guide. These features are available on diskettes for either Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. Hard copies of the Guide (including the Search diskettes) were distributed to all State SBAPs in early September. If you would like to request a copy of the Guide (with diskettes), please contact EPA's Small Business Ombudsman Staff at 1-800-368-5888. A downloadable version of the Guide has now been placed on the IWRC's World Wide Web Site.

New Volatile Organic Compound Standards Issued by EPA

During August 1998, EPA issued final National VOC emission standards for automobile refinish coatings, consumer products and architectural coatings. Information on these standards can be found in the Title I section of the Office of Air and Radiation's Policy and Guidance Web site. The primary information can be found under Rules, Background Information and Fact Sheets.

Environmental Guide to Auto Repair Available from Texas

The Texas SBAP has recently published a brief (26 pages) multi-media Guide presenting rules and regulations the auto repair industry needs to know and follow in order to comply with state and federal environmental laws. The primary focus is on Texas rules for hazardous waste handling, transporting and disposing, however, Air, wastewater, P2 and storage tanks are also covered. A compliance check list and key federal requirements which may impact auto repair shops are also included. Other SBAPs considering a Guide of this type may find this to be a useful example. Single copies are available free and can be obtained from the Texas SBAP at 1-800-447-2827. The Auto Repair Guide can also be accessed through the TNRCC World Wide Web site.

Extension of January 1995 Potential to Emit(PTE) Transition Policy

A July 10, 1998 memo from John Seitz (Director, Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards) and Eric Schaeffer (Director, Office of Regulatory Enforcement) further extends EPA's transition policy for PTE limits relative to maximum achievable control technology (MACT) standards issued under section 112 of the Clean Air Act and Federal operating permits issued under Title V programs.

Memorandum on Potential to Emit for Specific Sources

In April 1998, EPA issued a memorandum and technical support document to assist States in clarifying the minor source status of low-emitting sources in eight source categories. The guidance provides technical information States can use in evaluating and limiting the "potential to emit" for sources in these eight categories. The eight categories addressed are: gasoline service stations, gasoline bulk plants, boilers, cotton gins, coating sources, printing, degreasers using volatile organic solvents, and hot mix asphalt plants. A short Fact Sheet, the Guidance Memo (71Kb) and the Technical Support Document (148Kb) are available from the Office of Air and Radiation's Policy and Guidance web site. All have a file date of 4-22-98.

Guide to the Wood Furniture CTG and NESHAP (10/97)

ThisEPA Guide provides a rules overview, then discusses work practice standards, compliance options, recordkeeping and reporting requirements, available control technologies, and the relationship of these requirements to Title V permits. (571KB PDF file) To view this publication you need the free Acrobat program , which is available at the Adobe Web Site.

Minnesota Guides on Wood Finishing

Three (3) documents on wood finishing are available from the Minnesota Small Business Assistance Program. All 3 are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) and can be downloaded or read on screen. Other materials resulting from wood finishing workshops are also available from the MN SBAP. Please contact Barbara Loida directly at (612) 282-2604.

EPA's Policy on Compliance Incentives for Small Businesses

This policy was issued by EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance in May 1996.

Guide to Air Quality Rules for Dry Cleaners

This Simple Guide to Air Quality Rules for Perc Dry Cleaners was prepared by the State of Colorado in 1996.

Regulation Controlling Air Emissions from Chromium Electroplating and Anodizing Tanks

1995 EPA brochure in Q & A format which answers many basic questions concerning who the regulation affects, monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting, estimated costs, and whom you can contact for additional information.

Guidebook on How to Comply with the Chromium Electroplating and Anodizing National Emission Standards This Guidebook, issued in 1995, is now available in the Portable Document Format (PDF) which allows it to be easily read on the screen and for printing of any one page or the whole document. The Guidebook presents an overview of the regulation, guidance on who the regulation applies to, explains what a source needs to do to comply and demonstrate compliance, presents guidance on estimating costs and on reporting, and outlines how this regulation relates to other Federal, State or local requirements. (1358KB) To view this publication you need the free Acrobat program , which is available at the Adobe Web Site.

Guidance Document for the Halogenated Solvent Cleaner NESHAP (4/95)

This EPA Guide discusses who the rule applies to, solvent cleaning requirements, compliance options, overall emission limits, recordkeeping and reporting, and alternatives to halogenated solvent cleaning. The appendices include procedures for calculating percent by weight of solvents and forms for determining compliance and for recordkeeping and reporting. This file is in Portable Document Format (PDF) (892KB). To view this publication you need the free Acrobat program , which is available at the Adobe Web Site.

New Regulation Controlling Air Emissions for Chromium Electroplating and Anodizing Tanks

Regulation Controlling Air Emissions from Solvent Degreasing Machines (Degreasers)

A 1995 EPA brochure which outlines work practices for batch vapor and in-line cleaning machines and batch cold cleaning machines. To view this publication you need the free Acrobat program , which is available at the Adobe Web Site.

Regulation Controlling Emissions From Dry Cleaners (9/93)

This May 1994 brochure outlines EPA's 9/93 rule to limit emissions of perchloroethylene from dry cleaners.Controlling Emissions From Dry Cleaners

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