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What's New at Environmental Health & Safety Online!

What's New at Environmental Health & Safety Online!

What's New at EHSO
for Environmental Health and Safety Professionals!

Man shouting the news! The site continues to grow and change rapidly in order to meet your requests and the rate of change in the regulations and technology! We added this change summary page to help you to identify new and changed pages to visit!

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Date DescriptionListed in the Table of Contents Under:
2005-03-24 Updated Cell Phone and cancer, tumor informationCell Phone
2005-03-23 Updated Pollutors reportsPollutors

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2005-03-15 Updated MSDS listingsMSDS
2005-03-01 Updated Pollutors reportsPollutors
2005-02-23 Updated Dust mite information and prevention (allegies)Dust Mites
2005-02-05 Updated news storiesNews
2005-01-04 Updated Pollutors - environmental criminals and cases listPollutors
2004-12-10 Updated environmental enforcement pageEnforcement
2004-11-17 Added research about the potential link between cell phone use and cancers and brain tumorsCell Phones and Cancer
2004-07-27 Correct technical problems on the "who are we page"Who are we
2004-07-26 Updated State Government Agencies PagesState Agencies
2004-07-25 Updated environmental regulations pagesRegulations
2004-07-17 Revised the UV exposure pagesUV Exposure
2004-06-28 Updated OSHA regulations and guidanceOSHA Guidance and Forms
2004-06-09 Updated the SIC CodesSIC codes
2004-05-22 Updated environmental hotlines dataHotlines
2004-05-07 Updated the State Fire Marshal pagesState Fire Marshal
2004-04-29 Updated State Government Agencies PagesState Agencies
2004-04-11 Many changes to infrastructure of the web site - new server, implementing database-driven content - fixing errors from the move - corrected the feedback form: Feedback
2004-04-08 Updated the "Pollutors" pagesPollutors
2004-04-05 Federal hotlines updated - for almost anything!
Environmental: Government and Free Private Hotlines
Health and disease: Government hotlines
2004-04-04 Jobs - finding environmental and safety jobs - great resources.Check these environmental jobs web sites
2004-04-02 MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets updated - Find almost every major manufacturer's MSDS's hereMSDS
2004-03-15 Changing the EHSO site from frames to tables - this will enable you to bookmark (add to your favorites) each and every page! It will also add many more capabilities, such as fresher content, and database capabilities to provide more information!
2004-03-08 Many new OSHA resource links updated OSHA Technical links
2004-02-07 OSHA forms updated OSHA Forms