Free Secondhand Smoking Publications from EHSO and the US EPA

US EPA Secondhand Smoking Publications

Take the Smoke-Free Home Pledge Brochure

Breathing secondhand smoke can be harmful to your children's health. You can protect your children by making your home smoke-free. Take the Smoke-Free Home Pledge by calling the toll-free Smoke-Free Home Pledge Hotline at 1-800-513-1157 and protect your children from the health risks of secondhand smoke. EPA 402-K-00-004 , April 2000

The Secondhand Smoke Community Action Kit

The Secondhand Smoke Community Action Kit has been developed by the U.S. EPA to assist community leaders in educating communities about the dangers of secondhand smoke. This information will help them develop strategies and locate resources necessary to implement a community-based campaign to reduce children's exposure to secondhand smoke. The kit contains a number of products and ideas - each with its own "blueprint" to help you get results. Specific projects are identified and the project's purpose, methods of achieving the goal, evaluation mechanisms, and detailed action steps are discussed. The kit incorporates a wide range of strategies, including the Smoke-Free Home Campaign, The Secondhand Smoke Media Campaign, and the American Lung Association Guide - "Secondhand Smoke and Children: Conducting Public Outreach Programs." EPA 402-K-00-005

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Secondhand Smoke Speaker's Kit

The purpose of the kit is to get pediatricians to use the Kit to inform, educate, and sustain public awareness on the health effects associated with children's exposure to secondhand smoke. The kit was developed to assist pediatricians in educating the general public on secondhand smoke. Everything offered within the kit is available here as an Microsoft Word document file, MS Powerpoint PPT file or as as Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Secondhand Smoke: What You Can Do as Parents, Decision-makers, and Building Occupants

Defines secondhand smoke and describes health risks from exposure to secondhand smoke. This leaflet provides steps to take to reduce the health risks of passive smoke in the home, in the workplace, in restaurants and bars, and other indoor places. EPA Document Number 402-F-93-004, July 1993 This brochure is also available in Chinese from IAQ INFO, use the reference number 402-F-93-004B to order.

HUMO... de segunda mano

Qu puede hacer usted sobre el humo de segunda mano como padre, personal directivo y ocupante de un edificio, Otoo de 1995 ( 402-F-93-004A )

Setting the Record Straight: Secondhand Smoke is a Preventable Health Risk

Provides detailed responses to the specific criticisms of EPA's assessment of lung cancer data included in the 1993 report, Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Disorders (EPA/600/6-90/006 F). EPA stands by the 1993 report, which found that secondhand smoke causes lung cancer in nonsmoking adults and increases the risk of bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma in children. EPA Document Number 402-F-94-005 , June 1994

Children and Secondhand Smoke

This straightforward black&white brochure was specifically designed for easy distribution. A PDF version of the brochure (68KB file) is also available that can be printed off and copied for distribution. The brochure exemplifies the focus of the Indoor Environments Program's efforts to minimize the exposure of secondhand smoke to children indoors.
EPA Document Number 402-F-99-003 , March 1999.

>Este folleto en blanco y negro, escrito en forma clara y sencilla, fue diseado especficamente para una distribucin fcil. Una versin en PDF (67KB) del folleto tambin se puede imprimir y copiar para ser distribuida. El folleto ejemplifica el enfoque en los esfuerzos del Programa de Ambientes Interiores para mnimizar la exposicin de los nios al humo de tabaco de segunda mano en ambientes interiores.
El nmero de folleto de la EPA (siglas en ingl's) es el 402-F-99-003, marzo de 1999.

Fact Sheet: Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking

Describes EPA's major assessment of the respiratory health risks associated with exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Disorders (EPA/600/6-90/006 F) . This landmark assessment concluded that widespread exposure to ETS in the U.S. presents a serious and substantial public health risk. A copy of the full report is available from EPA's Center for Environmental Research Information in Cincinnati, OH, or from the Indoor Air Quality Information Clearinghouse (IAQINFO). EPA Document Number 430-F-93-004 , January 1993

Factsheets: Secondhand Smoke and Asthma: An Unhealthy Mix

These fact sheets were prepared by The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials' (ASTHO) Environmental Health and Tobacco Control programs under a cooperative agreement with EPA's Indoor Environment Division. One of the fact sheets is geared specifically towards the general public while the other is targeted to public officials. These fact sheets are intended for you to use in educating the public and public officials about the high societal cost of secondhand tobacco smoke. The fact sheets are designed so that you can customize them for your state and your needs. Please feel free to use them in any way that you believe will be effective. We only ask that when you use these fact sheets to include the appropriate acknowledgment.

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