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Pesticides and Your Health - International Issues, Regulations and News

Pesticides - International Issues

As we eat more foods produced in foreign countries, it becomes more important to know HOW they raise the food and what their policy toward pesticide use is. This page will post the latest information!

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"Mexico moves to phase out DDT and chlordane"

As a model for Latin American and Caribbean countries, Mexico plans to phase out all uses of the pesticides DDT and chlordane within ten years. Mexico will follow a regulatory program, called the North American Regional Action Plans, created by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, which incorporates finding alternatives to DDT and chlordane, stepped up enforcement, and an improved understanding of the life cycles of pests. Goals include the reduction of DDT used per year from 25,000 tons to 600 tons by 2002 (and eventually to zero) and allowing current stocks of chlordane to run out, while banning all imports. The United States and Canada will provide technical support and financial backing.