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Amputation Fact Sheet [PDF 154 K]

Asbestos Fact Sheet [PDF 88K] - En Espa�ol

Bloodborne Fact Sheets

Carbon Monoxide Fact Sheet [PDF 397K]

Compliance Assistance Fact Sheet [PDF 64K]

Crystalline Silica Fact Sheet [PDF 52K] - En Espa�ol

Emergency Exit Routes Fact Sheet [PDF 76K]

Ergonomics Fact Sheets

Ethylene Oxide [PDF 48 K]

Evacuating High-Rise Buildings Fact Sheet [PDF 119 K]

Farm Safety [PDF 48 K] - HTML Version

Fatal Fact Sheets

Occupational Safety and Health for Federal Employees Fact Sheet [PDF 391 K] - En Espa�ol

Fire Safety [PDF 48 K] - HTML Version

Flood Cleanup Alerts

Formaldehyde Fact Sheet [PDF 43 K]

FY2003 Enforcement Factsheet - OSHA Enforcement Remains Strong, Fair and Effective [PDF 620 K]

Hazardous Chemicals in Labs Fact Sheet [PDF 270K] - En Espa�ol - HTML Version (English)

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response [PDF 355K]

Highly Hazardous Chemicals Fact Sheet [PDF 63K] - En Espa�ol

Hurricane Facts - Bulletin #1 of 3 [PDF 77 K]
Hurricane Facts - Bulletin #2 of 3 [PDF 71 K]
Hurricane Facts - Bulletin #3 of 3 [PDF 69 K]

Imminent Danger Fact Sheet [PDF 331K]

Job Safety and Health Fact Sheet [PDF 96K] - HTML Version

Lockout/Tagout Fact Sheet [PDF 212K] - En Espa�ol

Lyme Disease Alert - [1 of 1 36K PDF]

Maritime - Shipbreaking Fact Sheet [PDF 105K] - En Espa�ol

New Businesses Fact Sheet [PDF 354K] - En Espa�ol - HTML Version (English)

OSHA Alliance Program [PDF 353K]

OSHA Challenge Pilot [PDF 354K]

OSHA Corporate Pilot [PDF 354K]

OSHA Consultation Program [PDF 355K]

OSHA Inspections [PDF 362K]

OSHA Requirements When a Worker Experiences a Job-Related Injury or Illness [PDF 355K]

OSHA's Role When a Worker Dies on the Job [PDF 356K]

Personal Protective Equipment Fact Sheet [PDF 287 K] - En Espa�ol

Planning and Responding to Workplace Emergencies

Powered Platforms Fact Sheet [PDF 287 K]

Recordkeeping Fact Sheets

Small Entity Compliance Guides


State Job Safety and Health Programs [PDF 354K]

The Three C's of VPP [PDF 355K]

Trucking Employees Fact Sheet [PDF 55K] - HTML Version

Variance Fact Sheet [PDF 52K] - HTML Version

Voluntary Protection Programs [PDF 356K]

Whistleblowers & Airlines Fact Sheet [PDF 83K]

Whistleblowers & Corporate Fraud Fact Sheet [PDF 68K]

Whistleblowers and the Environment [PDF 67K]

Whistleblower Protections-General Fact Sheet [PDF 71K]

Working Outdoors Fact Sheet [PDF 75K]

Workplace Violence Fact Sheet [PDF 362K] - En Espa�ol

Other OSHA Facts

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