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Mercury Recycling Information - Free from Environmental Health & Safety Online

Mercury Recycling Information - Free from Environmental Health & Safety Online

Name of Company Services Offered
Adrow Chemical
2 Lines Ave.
Wanaque, NJ 07465

Phone: (201) 839-2372
Fax: (201) 244-9448
Mercury devices, lamps, etc. will except various other wastes on a case by case basis

Fee required for less than 25 pounds.

Advance Env. Recycling Corp.
2591 Mitchell Ave.
Allentown, PA 18103

Phone: (215) 797-7608
(800) 554-2372
Mercury devices; compounds and
solutions; fluorescent and HID lamps;
precious metals
Bethlehem Apparatus
890 Front St.
Hellertown, PA 18055

Phone: (610) 838-7034

Mercury lamps, mercury-containing thermometers, switches, batteries and dental amalgam
Clean Harbors
2940 Independence Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone: (216)429-2402
Fax: (216)429-2713
Mercury-containing wastewater
Environmental Enterprises, Inc.
10163 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45241

Phone: (800)453-7230
Fax: (513)782-8950
All forms of mercury except fulminates. Including wastewater, lab-pack, activated carbon, lamps, switches, salts, organics, etc
H. T. R. Inc.,
P. O. Box 398,
Golden City MO 64748,

Phone: (888) 537-4214,
(417) 537-8708,
Ffax 417-537-8715,

Process all mercury containing lamps and remove all of the product from the waste stream.
HTR is recognized by EPA and certified by the MoDNR.
MRS (Mercury Recovery Services)
700 5th Ave.
New Brighton, PA 12205

Phone: (412) 843-5000
Fax: (412) 843-5353
Manufacturing, development and consulting for on-site mercury waste treatment and recovery systems.
Mercury Refining Co.
1218 Central Ave.
Albany, NY 12205

Phone: (518) 459-0820
Fax: (518) 459-2334
Accepts most conventional mercury wastes. Exceptions include: F-, K-, P- or U- listed wastes (except U151), pesticides, flammables, explosives, regulated medical waste and waste containing certain other hazardous materials.

Contact: Steve Graves
Mercury Waste Solutions, Inc.
1700 W. Hwy. 36
Ste. 801
St. Paul, MN 55113

Phone: (612)635-0080
Fax: (612)628-9371
Accepts any metallic mercury-containing wastes e.g. lights, thermostats, switches etc.

Minimum order is $50.00
Contact: Tom Kimmel