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Infectious Diseases Information Page

Communicable Diseases/Microbiology

Microbiology Net Virtual Library
Microbiology Net Resource Center
BUGS in the WEB - Online Course at University of Western Ontario
Biology of Infection and Immunity -Online Course - Univ. of Western Ontario
Microbiology Network Mail List Page
Salmonella spp.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Home Page
Communicable Disease Fact Sheets
The Bad Bug Book: Food borne Pathogenic Microbes and Natural Toxins
Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report
Microbiology & Public Health - University of Alberta
Deaths from Infectious Diseases Soaring in U.S.
Regional Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases
Addressing Emerging Infectious Disease Threats
Links: Emerging Infectious Diseases
Definition: What are Emerging Infectious Diseases?
Links: Communicable Diseases
ATSDR - Workshop: Emerging Pathogens and Drug Resistance
Emerging Infectious Diseases Home Page
Emerging and Reemerging Global Microbial Threats
Deaths from Infectious Diseases on Rise in the US
Editorial: Infection Emergent
Global Climate and Emerging Infectious Diseases
Global Warming Threatens World Health
Editorial: Infectious Diseases
Journal: Applied and Environmental Microbiology
The Microbial Underground's Salmonella Page
Journal: Emerging Infectious Diseases Vol. 2(2)
Links: Emerging Infectious Diseases
Laboratory Centre for Disease Control
Communicable Diseases and Toxic Substances
The Microbiology Network
Welcome to EIINet Network
Emerging Infectious Diseases Resource Links
National Center for Infectious Diseases Home Page
Compliance Control Center - Handwashing
Infectious Diseases-Medscape
Infectious Diseases of Public Health Importance
Infectious Diseases-Boston University Medical Center (COHIS)
Flesh-Eating Bacteria
American Society for Microbiology
What Is the Solution to the Spread of Deadly Microbes?
Mutant superbugs - bacteria, viruses, plague, germ warfare -Dr Patrick Dixon
Fighting mutating microbes
Microbes becoming global health risks
Spread of Deadly Microbes
Revenge of the Microbes
Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Home Page
Emerging Infectious Diseases project home page
Microbial Food Safety Home Page
Infectious Diseases in Argentina
Emerging and other Communicable Diseases (EMC)
International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases