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Connecticut Local Department of Health and Agriculture Contact Information

Connecticut State Department of Health Contact Information

Most questions regarding food production, handling, sales and serving, including cottage food laws and regulations are handled by the state's local health department or department of agriculture, and sometimes by a city or county business registration office.

Connecticut Health Department

CT Department of Public Health
410 Capitol Avenue
PO Box 340308
MS # 11 FDP
Hartford, CT 06134

Tel: (860) 509-7297
Fax: (860) 509-8071

Connecticut local department of health contacts

The following counties have websites, and some have Facebook pages, that provide information regarding their department and its services:

Department name Phone Town Hall Phone Agency Email Website
Bethel Health Department (203) 794-8539 (203) 794-8505 [email protected] http://www.bethel-ct.gov/content/117/205/default.aspx
Bridgeport Health Department (203) 576-7680 (203) 576-7201 [email protected] http://bridgeportct.gov/health
Bristol-Burlington Health District (860) 584-7682 [email protected] http://www.bbhd.org/
Brookfield Health Department (203) 775-7315 (203) 775-7315 [email protected] https://www.brookfieldct.gov/health-department
Central Connecticut Health District (860) 785-8380 [email protected] http://www.ccthd.org/
Chatham Health District (860) 365-0884 [email protected] http://www.chathamhealth.org
Chesprocott Health District (203) 272-2761 [email protected] http://www.chesprocott.org/
Cromwell Health Department (860) 632-3426 (860) 632-3410 [email protected] https://www.cromwellct.com/health-department
CT River Area Health District (860) 661-3300 [email protected] http://www.crahd.org/
Danbury Health and Human Services (203) 797-4625 (203) 797-4500 [email protected] http://www.danbury-ct.gov/government/departments/health-and-human-services/
Darien Health Department (203) 656-7320 (203) 656-7338 [email protected] http://www.darienct.gov/content/28025/28541/default.aspx
Durham Health Department (860) 349-8253 (860) 349-3452 [email protected] http://www.townofdurhamct.org/content/28562/27556/27707/default.aspx
East Hartford Health Department (860) 291-7321 (860) 291-7200 [email protected] https://www.easthartfordct.gov/health
East Shore Health District (203) 481-4233 [email protected] http://www.esdhd.org
Eastern Highlands Health District (860) 429-3325 [email protected] http://www.ehhd.org
Easton Health Department (203) 227-9571 (203) 268-6291 [email protected] http://www.eastonct.gov/health-department
Essex Health Department (860) 767-4340 (860) 767-4340 [email protected] http://www.essexct.gov/health-department
Fairfield Health Department (203) 256-3020 (203) 256-3000 [email protected] http://fairfieldct.org/health
Farmington Valley Health District (860) 352-2333 [email protected] http://www.fvhd.org/
Glastonbury Health Department (860) 652-7534 (860) 652-7500 [email protected] http://www.glastonbury-ct.gov/departments/department-directory-a-k/health-department
Greenwich Health Department (203) 622-7836 (203) 622-7700 [email protected] http://www.greenwichct.org/HealthDept/HealthDept.asp
Guilford Health Department (203) 453-8118 (203) 453-8029 [email protected] http://www.ci.guilford.ct.us/departments/health-department/
Hartford Health Department (860) 757-4700 (860) 757-9311 [email protected] hartford.gov/hhs
Killingworth Health Department (860) 663-1765 x223 (860) 663-1765 [email protected] Town of killingworth
Ledge Light Health District (860) 448-4882 [email protected] ledgelighthd.org/
Madison Health Department (203) 245-5681 (203) 245-5602 [email protected] madisonct.org/200/Health-Department
Manchester Health Department (860) 647-3173 (860) 647-3123 [email protected] health.townofmanchester.org/
Mashantucket Pequot Health Department (860) 312-8014 [email protected] http://www.mashantucket.com/ihs.aspx
Meriden Department of Health (203) 630-4226 (203) 630-4123 [email protected] http://www.cityofmeriden.org/Content/Health_and_Human_Services/
Middletown Health Department (860) 638-4960 (860) 638-4800 [email protected] http://www.cityofmiddletown.com/content/117/121/149/default.aspx
Milford Health Department (203) 783-3285 (203) 783-3200 [email protected] http://www.ci.milford.ct.us/health-department-0
Mohegan Tribal Health (860) 862-6158 [email protected]
Monroe Health Department (203) 452-2818 (203) 452-2800 [email protected] http://www.monroect.org/Health
Naugatuck Valley Health District (203) 881-3255 [email protected] http://nvhd.org/
New Britain Health Department (860) 612-2771 (860) 826-3303 [email protected] http://www.newbritainct.gov/services/health/default.htm
New Caanan Health Department (203) 594-3037 (203) 594-3070 [email protected] http://www.newcanaan.info/content/9490/293/307/default.aspx
New Fairfield Health Department (203) 312-5640 (203) 312-5600 [email protected] https://sites.google.com/a/newfairfield.org/newfairfieldct/municipal-departments/services/health
New Haven Health Department (203) 946-6999 (203) 946-8200 [email protected] http://www.cityofnewhaven.com/Health/
New Milford Health Department (860) 355-6035 (860) 355-6035 [email protected] http://www.newmilford.org/content/3088/3146/default.aspx
Newtown Health District (203) 270-4291 [email protected] http://www.newtown-ct.gov/Public_Documents/NewtownCT_Health/index
North Central District Health Department (860) 745-0383 [email protected] http://www.ncdhd.org/
Northeast District Dept of Health (860) 774-7350 [email protected] http://www.nddh.org/
Norwalk Health Department (203) 854-7776 (203) 854-3200 [email protected] http://www.norwalkct.org/676/Health
Orange Health Department (203) 891-4733 (203) 891-4700 [email protected] https://www.orange-ct.gov/150/Health-Department
Plainville-Southington Regional Health District (860) 276-6275 (860) 276-6200 [email protected] www.pshd.org
Pomperaug Health District (203) 264-9616 [email protected] http://pddh.org/
Quinnipiack Valley Health District (203) 248-4528 [email protected] http://www.qvhd.org
Redding Health Department (203) 938-2559 (203) 938-2559 [email protected] http://www.townofreddingct.org/Public_Documents/ReddingCT_Health/index
Ridgefield Health Department (203) 431-2745 (203) 431-2700 [email protected] https://www.ridgefieldct.org/health
Sharon Health Department (860) 364-9397 (860) 364-5224 [email protected] http://www.sharonct.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=41%3Anon-elected-town-officers&id=52%3Adirector-of-health&Itemid=28
Sherman Health Department (860) 355-0166 (860) 355-0166 [email protected] http://www.townofshermanct.org/government/departments/health_department.php
Somers Health Department (860) 763-8216 (860) 763-8201 [email protected] https://www.somersct.gov/town-departments/land-use-services/health-department/
South Windsor Health Department (860) 337-6173 (860) 644-2511 [email protected] http://www.southwindsor.org/pages/swindsorct_health/index
Stamford Health Department (203) 977-4399 (203) 977-4150 [email protected] http://www.stamfordct.gov/health-and-social-services
Stratford Health Department (203) 385-4090 (203) 385-4020 [email protected] http://www.townofstratford.com/content/39832/39846/39915/default.aspx
Torrington Area Health District (860) 489-0436 [email protected] http://www.tahd.org/
Trumbull Health Department (203) 452-1032 [email protected] http://www.trumbull-ct.gov/THD
Uncas Health District (860) 823-1189 [email protected] http://www.uncashd.org/
Wallingford Health Department (203) 294-2065 (203) 294-2065 [email protected] http://town.wallingford.ct.us/Content/Health_Department.asp
Washington Health Department (860) 355-6035 (860) 355-6020 [email protected] http://www.washingtonct.org/health-department
Waterbury Health Department (203) 574-6780 (203) 574-6806 [email protected] http://www.waterburyct.org/content/9573/9623/default.aspx
West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District (860) 561-7900 [email protected] https://www.westhartfordct.gov/gov/departments/health_district/default.asp
West Haven Health Department (203) 937-3660 (203) 937-3510 [email protected] http://www.cityofwesthaven.com/164/Health-Department
Westbrook Health Department (860) 399-8969 (860) 399-3040 [email protected] http://westbrookct.us/health-department.php
Westport Weston Health District (203) 227-9571 [email protected] http://www.wwhd.org
Wilton Health Department (203) 563-0174 (203) 834-6249 [email protected] wiltonct.org/departments/health/health.html
Windsor Health Department (860) 285-1823 (860) 285-1902 [email protected] http://www.townofwindsorct.com/Health/

Connecticut Environmental Health

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website

FDA Labeling and Nutrition

Nutrition Facts Label, Label Claims, Menu and Vending Machine Labeling, Gluten-Free Labeling

FDA Ingredients and Packaging

Food & Color Additives, GRAS, Food Allergens, Food Contact Substances, New Plant Varieties

U.S. Department of Agriculture

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a tool, the AskUSDA site providing information from across USDA all in one place. Just type key words or phrases into the search box. Your search will provide the top 10 results from across USDA. For the best search results, keep in mind that including "and" in the search box will exclude articles that don't include all searched words. Including "or" in the search box will include articles with any of the searched words.

If you have specific USDA questions that you cannot find answers to on the site, call (202) 720-2791 or email USDA at [email protected].

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

If you are looking for the national US Department of Health, that's the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and here is the mailing address and phone number:

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Hubert H. Humphrey Building
200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20201
Toll Free Call Center: 1-877-696-6775
Note: Please be aware that mail sent to their Washington D.C. area offices takes an additional 3-4 days to process due to security precautions.

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