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Food Safety Information for kids, Teens and Educators -- Currrent and Factual - the Information you need - Free

Food Safety for Kids, Teens & Educators

Federal Government Web Sites

  • Being Sick Costs You A Lot (CDC)
  • Food Safety Coloring Book (FDA/FSIS)
  • Food Safety Quiz for Kids (FDA)
  • Food Safety Word Match (FDA/FSIS)
  • Germs on the Run (FDA/FSIS)
  • Handwashing (FDA/FSIS)
  • Excellence in Curriculum Integration through Teaching Epidemiology (CDC)
  • Field Investigation: Global Health Odyssey (CDC)
  • Food Science Curriculum for Middle and High School Students (USDA/FDA)
  • Material for Educators--Food Risks: Perception vs. Reality (FDA)
  • USDA/FDA Foodborne Illness Education Materials Database (FNIC)
  • Federal Government/Private Sector Partnership Web Sites
  • Food Safety When Packing Your Summer Camp Lunch (Partnership for Food Safety Education)
  • Quick Tips to Packing a Safe Lunch (Partnership for Food Safety Education)
  • Four Simple Steps to Fight BAC! (Partnership for Food Safety Education)
  • Cook It Safely (National Food Safety Education Month)
    Crossword Puzzle, Word Scramble and Family Vacation Game (PDF)
  • Fight BAC! in Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade Classrooms! (Partnership for Food Safety Education)
  • Presenter's Guide for Working with Children from Kindergarten through Grade 3 (Partnership for Food Safety Education)
  • State and Local Government Web Sites
  • County Fair (Department of Agriculture, Michigan)
  • Food 4 Kids (Cooperative Extension Service, Missouri)
  • Food Safety for Babysitters (Cooperative Extension Service, Nebraska)
  • Food Safety Lessons (Cooperative Extension Service, Iowa)
  • Food Safety - Ranger Duck Says (Cooperative Extension Service, Delaware)
  • Food Safety -- What's Cooking?! (Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Virginia)
  • Kid's Page (Environmental Sanitation and Food Safety, Alaska)
  • Kids World - Food Safety (Department of Agriculture, North Carolina)
  • Super Scrub & Bubbles Handwashing (Health Department, Tacoma-Pierce County, Washington
  • Projects, Curriculum, and Materials Available (Cooperative Extension Service, North Carolina)
  • Teaching Children About Food Safety (PDF) (Cooperative Extension Service, Iowa)

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