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Food Safety for Kids, Teens & Educators

Federal Government Web Sites bulletBeing Sick Costs You A Lot (CDC) bulletFood Safety Coloring Book (FDA/FSIS) bulletFood Safety Quiz for Kids (FDA) bulletFood Safety Word Match (FDA/FSIS) bulletGerms on the Run (FDA/FSIS) bulletHandwashing (FDA/FSIS) bulletExcellence in Curriculum Integration through Teaching Epidemiology (CDC) bulletField Investigation: Global Health Odyssey (CDC) bulletFood Science Curriculum for Middle and High School Students (USDA/FDA) bulletMaterial for Educators--Food Risks: Perception vs. Reality (FDA) bulletUSDA/FDA Foodborne Illness Education Materials Database (FNIC)

Federal Government/Private Sector Partnership Web Sites bulletFood Safety When Packing Your Summer Camp Lunch (Partnership for Food Safety Education) bulletQuick Tips to Packing a Safe Lunch (Partnership for Food Safety Education) bulletFour Simple Steps to Fight BAC! (Partnership for Food Safety Education) bulletCook It Safely (National Food Safety Education Month)
Crossword Puzzle, Word Scramble and Family Vacation Game (PDF) bulletFight BAC! in Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade Classrooms! (Partnership for Food Safety Education) bulletPresenter's Guide for Working with Children from Kindergarten through Grade 3 (Partnership for Food Safety Education)

State and Local Government Web Sites bulletCounty Fair (Department of Agriculture, Michigan) bulletFood 4 Kids (Cooperative Extension Service, Missouri) bulletFood Safety for Babysitters (Cooperative Extension Service, Nebraska) bulletFood Safety Lessons (Cooperative Extension Service, Iowa) bulletFood Safety - Ranger Duck Says (Cooperative Extension Service, Delaware) bulletFood Safety -- What's Cooking?! (Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Virginia) bulletKid's Page (Environmental Sanitation and Food Safety, Alaska) bulletKids World - Food Safety (Department of Agriculture, North Carolina) bulletSuper Scrub & Bubbles Handwashing (Health Department, Tacoma-Pierce County, Washington bulletProjects, Curriculum, and Materials Available (Cooperative Extension Service, North Carolina) bulletTeaching Children About Food Safety (PDF) (Cooperative Extension Service, Iowa)

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