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Saving Energy at Home - How to Find Energy Star-Certified Products and materials and reduce energy waste at home

Saving Energy at Home - EPA's Energy Star Program

Everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment. Please join us in making a change. We can all begin with the following five energy efficiency recommendations:

1. Put your home to the test. Find out where your home has room for improvement with ENERGY STAR 'S Home Improvement Toolbox available at

2. Change a Light. Replace your five most frequently used light bulbs with products that have earned the Energy Star.

3. Heat and Cool Smartly. Have your system checked annually and install an Energy Starlabeled programmable thermostat so you are not paying to heat or cool your house when you are not at home.

4. Seal it up. Keep the warm air in and the big energy bills out of your house by following Energy StarHome Sealing recommendations for adding insulation to your home and weather-stripping and caulking around doors and windows.

5. Look for the Energy Star. When you are in the market for home electronics, major appliances, office equipment, heating and cooling systems, windows or even a new home, choose one that has earned the Energy Star.

Energy Star for your Home

The average home produces more air pollution than the average car. Whether looking to replace old appliances, remodel, or buy a new house,Energy Star can help.

Energy Staris the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. TheEnergy Star label makes it easy to know which products to buy for the home or office. And by choosingEnergy Star, there is no sacrifice in the features, style or comfort that today's consumers expect.

By choosingEnergy Star, consumers can save 30% on their energy bills -- about $400 a year -- and protect the environment for future generations.

HowEnergy Star Helps

TheEnergy Star label on products for the home

TheEnergy Star label makes it easy to identify energy efficient products without sacrificing product features, quality or personal comfort. TheEnergy Star can be found on products in 30 different categories, including appliances, electronics, office equipment, lighting, heating and cooling systems, windows, and even new homes. Local retailers can be found through an online store locator at

Most products have two price tags: the purchase price, and the cost of the energy to required to run them.Energy Star provides substantial savings on the second price tag.

Energy Star Building Manual

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