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Department of Labor Wage Information - Frequently Asked Questions about Rights and Rules

U.S. Department of Labor Wages & Work Hours FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)

The federal and state laws regarding pay, overtime, breaks, FLMA, sick leave, vacations, shifts, leaves of absence, minimum wage, and other matters relating to pay rates and times are very complicated. Below are links to pages direct from the United States department of Labor that address many of the common questions around these topics. In 2023, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. That became effective July 24, 2009. Many states also have minimum wage laws that raise it above this. In cases where an employee is subject to both state and federal minimum wage laws, the employee is entitled to the higher minimum wage.


DOL FLSA wage poster - Note: This Poster last revised: April 2023 (previous versions, including the August 2016 version, no longer fulfill the posting requirement and should be replaced)


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