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Which Events and Businesses are Open, Cancelled or Closed due to Coronavirus

Which Events and Businesses are Open, Cancelled or Closed due to Coronavirus

The reaction to the coronavirus is having a profound effect on our economy and daily life. Only time will tell, whether the actions taken and reactions were justified. Here's what many business and organizations are doing and how if affects their customers.


No word yet as to the long term consequences. Airlines are requiring customers to wear facemasks and some are leaving the middle seats empty.

Boy Scouts

  • The Boy Scouts is largely unaffected. Most Boy Scout events are small groups, and away from crowds. Only the larger events, like Jamborees and possibly summer camps are cancelled.

Broadway shows, theater

  • Most have already closed indefinitely


  • Many churches have remained oddly silent about the virus. Some already had podcasts and live broadcasts and have cancelled their in-person services. Check on your church's website to find out. In any event, elderly and those with health issues should definitely NOT attend church services in person.


  • Some concerts have already been cancelled, many are being rescheduled to 2021. Bill Board is maintaining a list here, and you can always go to the ticketing agency website or the band's own website.

Movie Theaters

  • It looks like they plan to remain open, but with fewer customers allowed in each theater:
    AMC says "- To give you more empty space around you within our theatres, we are capping ticket availability to 50% of the normal seating capacity for every showtime in every auditorium at all AMC theatres nationwide. Once we hit 50% of an auditorium's capacity, movie screenings will show as being Sold Out, even though by definition there will be a large number of unfilled seats. This will begin Saturday, March 14, and for now, will continue until April 30. For those AMC auditoriums with more than 500 seats, we will further reduce bookings to a maximum of 250 people in any case.


  • It is split. Some are opening fully. Most are opening virtually at first. Some offer a hybrid.
  • Colleges and universities have generally followed suit, cancelling classes in favor of online studies.


  • All pro sports leagues (the NBA, NHL, etc.) have cancelled their seasons.
  • The NCAA has cancelled all college sports, including the NCAA basketball tournament (a.k.a. March Madness").
    Some conferences (Big 10) have cancelled their 2020 season, some are delaying it and others are opening in-conference games only.
  • Since many, if not most, public schools, grades K-12, have closed and are switching to online learning most school sports have also been cancelled.


  • In most states, voters can choose to vote by absent (request ballot) instead of in person. Voters have to request an absentee ballot from county election offices. Absentee ballots will be counted if they're received by election officials by the required deadlines.