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Asbestos Training Materials

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Why develop training materials from scratch when the OSHA Department of Labor's Office of Training and Education has developed training materials covering provisions of the asbestos standards for general industry (Want a copy of the abestos regs? Click here: 29 CFR 1910.1001 ) and for the construction industry ( 29 CFR 1926.1101 ).

The materials for general industry are a handout giving, in table form, the significant changes to the standard through June 1995.

The materials for the construction industry include a handout describing significant issues addressed by the standard and a set of 80 slides detailing provisions of the standard. The handout is a table listing significant changes. The slides provide an outline of the requirements of the Asbestos Standard for the Construction Industry.

A set of these materials has been provided to each of the following offices:

bullet all OSHA Regional, Area, and District offices
bullet all State Consultation Projects
bullet all State OSHA Plans
bullet EPA regulations have influenced OSHA asbestos training requirements. For removal of non-intact ("friable") asbestos in buildings, EPA requires "accreditation" training for workers and competent persons ("supervisors"). This training is identical to that required by OSHA for Class I and II work, but it must be obtained from an EPA-approved course provider. Class III and IV training is based on EPA "AHERA" requirements for schools.
bullet NIOSH Educational Resource Centers provide EPA-approved training. Other non-profit course providers include UC Berkeley , Georgia Tech , University of Kansas , University of Utah , etc.
bullet Inspection Procedures for Occupational Exposure to Asbestos . OSHA Directive CPL 2-2.63 (REVISED), (1995), 40 pages. Appendix B of this document includes a summary and comparison of OSHA and EPA training requirements.
bullet Model Accreditation Plan ; 40 CFR Subpart E, Appendix C. Details EPA's "accreditation" requirements for workers and supervisors. Available as PDF file , text file (18 pages), and a summary (1 page).
bullet Training materials for EPA-developed asbestos courses can be purchased through NTIS (search for "asbestos model curriculum").