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Saving Energy, Water and Money Around the House

Saving Energy, Water and Money Around the House

There are some simple ways to save water, energy and money around the house, all at the same time!


The standard showerhead wastes a lot of water. First in runs for 10 minutes until the hot water finally makes it from the hot water heater to your shower. Then it usually puts out far more water than you need!

This means you pay for 3 times as much water as you need, and worse yet, you're paying to heat it!

The solution is simple: Replace the shower head with a lower flow head that has a heat sensing valve that shuts the flow down to a trickle once it gets how, until you step into the shower and pull the cord to trun it on full again!

These work great, last years and pay you back their cost many times over!

If you already have a low-flow showerhead, then just get the valve portion at right