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Solid (nonhazardous) Waste Disposal and Other Information

Nonhazardous waste
(also known as "Solid Waste", nontoxic waste, industrial waste
and municipal waste")

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The Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1976 requires states to develop and implement "solid waste plans" that maximize waste reduction and recycling. States handle waste by permitting private and municipal/county facilities to recycle, landfill, incinerate or compost it.

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Waste Subjects:




Construction and Demolition Debris

Construction Products -


Financial Assurance

Greenhouse Gas

Household Hazardous Waste


Medical Waste

  • Disposal Tips for Home Health Care - (Professional Brochure) - July 18, 1995
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  • RCRA Hotline Training Modules - ef= " Acrobat PDF* file &URL=">Adobe Acrobat PDF* file || About ...
  • Handle with Care: How To Throw Out Used Insulin Syringes and Lancets at Home: A Booklet for Young People with Diabetes and Their Families - October 1990
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Municipal Solid Waste



Source Reduction and Pollution Prevention

WasteWise Program