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Environmental Management in SouthEast Asia - Free Information, Resources & Links by EHSO

Environment in Southeast Asia:

Here are links to sources of environmental information for and about Southeast Asia: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam. The list is growing all the time. If you want to suggest a link or recommend information for a countries - click here to tell us!

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Global and Regional Interest

Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia is a Singapore based-group providing fellowships and research grants for research in environmental and resource economics.

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Southeast Asian Countries


Government Homepage
Environment Unit, Ministry of Development
Environmental Resource Information Centre



BAPEDAL - Environmental Impact Mgt Agency
Earth Summit + 5 - Country Profile Indonesia



Federal - Ministries
Federal - Department of Environment
Federal - Economic Planning Unit
Federal - MOSTE
Federal - MOSTE's Conservation & Env. Mgt Division
Malaysian Environmental Quality Council
Federal - PERHILITAN (National Parks)
Federal - Department of Fisheries
Peninsular Malaysia - Forestry
Federal - Marine Dept
Kuala Lumpur Online
Sarawak - State Government Organization
Sarawak - State Ministry of Resource Planning
Sarawak - Natural Resources and Environment Board
Sarawak - State Ministry of Environment
Sarawak - Department of Environment
Earth Summit + 5 - Country Profile - Malaysia


New Zealand

Resource Management Law Association of New Zealand seeks to increase awareness and understanding of resource management law and its implementation and multi-disciplinary framework. Activities include discussion forums, seminars and newsletters to help lawyers, planners and environmental professionals gain further information on resource management issues, law and policy.


DENR - Dept of Environment & Natural Resources
EMB - Environmental Management Bureau
NAMRIA - National Mapping & Resource Information Authority
PAWB - Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau
BWF - Babilonia-Wilner Foundation
FPE - Foundation for the Philippine Environment
Earth Summit + 5 - Country Profile - Philippines


Ministry of the Environment
National Parks Board
MND, Primary Production Dept - Services
Maritime and Port Authority
Earth Summit + 5 - Country Profile - Singapore


Ministry of Science,Technology and Environment (MOSTE)
National Environment Board
Pollution Control Department
MOSTE - EnvironNet Homepage
Office of Environmental Policy & Planning (OEPP)
Department of Environmental Quality Promotion (DEQP)
Thailand - MOSTE (US site)
Earth Summit + 5 - Country Profile Thailand

Thailand Environment Institute is an NGO focused on environmental management in Thailand. TEI works with government, NGO's, academia and the private sector to formulate national environmental policies, and also collaborates with international organizations to promote environmental awareness globally. TEI emphasizes waste minimization, improving environmental management, and linkages between government and the private sector.


Earth Summit + 5 - Country Profile - Vietnam