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Environmental Management in Canada - Free Information, Resources & Links by EHSO

Canada: Environmental Management

Here are links to sources of environmental information for and about Canada. The list is growing all the time. If you want to suggest a link or recommend information for a countries - click here to tell us!

National Pollutant Release Inventory Canada DOEis Environment Canada's version of the U.S. Toxic Release Inventory. Information can be found on reporting facilities, unreported pollutants, on-site releases, off-site transfers, and releases of toxic and carcinogenic pollutants.

Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention seeks to provide the public and business community with information on pollution prevention. C2P2, partly sponsored by Environment Canada and several large automobile manufacturers, has email discussion groups, publications, training courses, seminars and conferences to disseminate information.

  • Environmental Digest
  • Environmental Emergencies of the Canadian Atlantic
  • Environmental Magazines and Newspapers on the World-Wide Web
  • Environmental Services Association of Alberta
  • Evergreen Foundation
  • Faculties of the Environment
  • FAQ - Acid Rain
  • Friends of the Environment bullet Information bullet News
  • GeoData
  • Geological Survey of Canada
  • GIS at BC Environment
  • Global Change Game
  • Goose Bibliography
  • Great Lakes Information ManagemenResource
  • Greening the Halifax G-7 Summit
  • Groundwater Remediation Project
  • Habitat Ecology, Benford Institute of Oceanography
  • Journal of Paleolimnology
  • Knut's Forestry homepage
  • L'information relative A l'environment
  • Landscape Analysis Group
  • List of WWW Sites of Interests to Botanists
  • Man and the Biosphere
  • Manitoba Environment
  • Millennium Foundation of Canada
  • Ministry of Environment, Lands & Parks
  • Model Forest Program
  • National Conference on Sustainable Transportation
  • National Water Research Institute
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • New Brunswick Precipitation Monitoring Program
  • Nova Scotia Environment and Development Coalition
  • Pacific Rim Conference on Occupational and Environmental Health
  • PYR FAQs
  • Regulatory Control
  • Resources Development and Wildlife
  • Resources of Scholarly Societies -Biology
  • Sources of Environmental Information
  • State of Canada's Forests 1994
  • Software for Population Analysis
  • Sustainable Communities Network
  • Sustainable Cropping Systems Research Study
  • Stormceptor
  • Urban River Regeneration
  • Water Management Program
  • Weather Forecasts
  • World Bank
  • Wormlab