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Survey for Environment, Health & Safety in the Home and Community

Environment, Health & Safety
in the
Home and Community

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Help Shape It With
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EHSO is continually redeveloping the web site to provide information to the general public about the environmental, health and safety in the home, neighborhood, community and schools. In other words, how the environment and man-made products can affect your and your family's health. To take a look at the site while it is still in development, click here.

We would like your opinion about which topics to include:

  1. Please provide the following contact information:
    E-mail (if you'd like to get an
    advance peek at the new pages)
  2. General demographic - helps us choose topics that may interest you!
    State (outside the USA,
    enter your country)
    Your year of birth Year
    Sex Male Female
  3. Check any of the following for which you would like to see us
    provide free information on the web site:

    Air pollution
    Automotive wastes & compound safety
    Automobiles & pollution
    Choosing products and purchases using environmental considerations
    Construction materials (household & school) and health
    EMF - electromagnetic fields and health
    Environmentally-caused cancer & diseases
    Food safety issues
    Gardening - Organic vs. Traditional
    Government environmental regulations
    Health effects from household appliances
    Household hazardous materials (cleaners, solvents)
    Household hazardous wastes
    Household products health issues (dishes, drinking glasses, toys, etc.)
    Indoor Air Quality issues & solutions
    Pesticides & fertilizers indoors and out
    Recycling Issues - diapers, glass, cans, paper, etc.
    Trash and waste
    Water (drinking)
    Yard & Garden - composting
    Yard and garden chemicals & health

  4. Are there any products or services that you are looking
    to purchase that you would like us to offer?:

    Air purifiers
    Water purifiers
    Lead Test kits (for paint, blinds, etc.)
    Radon Test kits
    Organic (natural) pesticides
    Consulting for home health hazard assessment (lead, radon, asbestos, area pollution, etc.)Lead Test kits (for paint, blinds, etc.)
    Environmental consulting for your business (Assessments, sick building inspection, regulatory compliance checks, air. water, soil analysis, records check, property trasnfers, etc.)
    Safety / OSHA consulting for your business (noise levels, workplace, chemical exposure potential, safety plan development, regulatory compliance assessments, ergonomics,

  5. Do you have any suggestions for any other topics, products or services to include?


    If your request includes adding some new information or feature, we try to respond when we add the feature you requested - it could be a day, a week or a couple of months, but we DO try to get back to you when we can meet your request!

  6. Last revised: May 04, 2006