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Transportation-related FAQs and Guidance for Hazardous Materials (HaMats)

Transportation FAQs

Transportation regulations are found at 49 CFR - hazardous materials in sections 171 and 172 especially.



bulletAbout the Vehicle Repair Shop Brochure bulletWhat should I do with Used Oil filters? bulletWhat can I Dispose of at My Municipal Solid Waste Landfill? bulletHow do I dispose of Used Antifreeze?

Wastewater/Storm Water

bulletDo I Need a Storm Water Permit in the Trucking Industry? bulletPhase I NPDES Permit Renewal bulletApplying for a Storm Water Permit Under the Phase I Program bulletDo I Need a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan? bulletWhat are the Requirements for Vehicle Washing? bulletDo I Need a Pretreatment Permit?

Storage Tanks

bulletUnderground Storage Tanks

Used Oil

bulletWhat are Used Oil Mixing Requirements? bulletAre there any cost effective uses for used oil?

Hazardous Waste

bulletIdentifying Hazardous Waste bulletHazardous Waste: Determining Your Generator Status bulletDo I Need a Hazardous Waste Generator Identification Number? bulletHazardous Waste: The Small Quantity Generator bulletHazardous Waste: The Large Quantity Generator bulletHazardous Waste: Emergency Procedures, Contingency Planning, and Notification

Spill Response

bulletNational Response Center bulletSPCC Requirements and Pollution Prevention practices for Vehicle Services Facilities (under Development) bulletOil Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Plan bulletOil Spill Notification, Response and Recovery (Under Development)

Air Emissions

bulletProposed Heavy-Duty Emissions Standards for Highway Trucks and Buses (Under development) bulletAsbestos Brake Pads