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Simple Tips to Stay Safe from COVID and Other AirBorne Diseases at Gatherings and Holidays

Simple Tips to Stay Safe from COVID and Other AirBorne Diseases at Gatherings and HolidaysBox fan

If you're having people over to your house for a party, dinner, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or holiday gathering, you may be wondering just what you can do to reduce the transmission of diseases, in case someone (Vaccinated or not) is asymptomatic but carrying a communicable airborne disease, like COVIC.

There are some simple and effective things you can do!

Improve ventilation

Just put a 20" box fan ($20 at WalMart) in a downstairs window, blowing air in, and another fan in an upstairs window blowing air out.

You can get a 20 in by 20 in furnace filter to put on the outside of the downstairs fan to stop any dirt, pollen, dust or allergens from blowing into the house.

By doing this you are reducing any viral load in the air enormously. Of course, you can add more fans both upstairs and downstairs if your house is large. And if you have a ranch or other one-story dwelling, just do the same thing but with windows at the farthest points.Furnace filter

Of course you can other size fans and filters, to fit your windows best. The more powerful the fan, the better.

Whole House Fan

If you have a whole house fan, again open windows downstairs or whether the gathering is occurring, and turn on the whole house fan.

The CDC has a page of other tips

Improving ventilation is a safe, proven, reliable method to improve safety from respiratory illnesses.

Meanwhile, the CDC says (Some of their recommendations are controversial, these are the CDC's recommendations, we'll pass no judgment on their effectiveness)