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Online introductory training

Complete OSHA training resources

OSHA Training Resources

Why develop training materials from scratch when the OSHA Department of Labor's Office of Training and Education has developed training materials covering provisions of the asbestos standards for general industry ( 29 CFR 1910.1001 ) and for the construction industry ( 29 CFR 1926.1101 ).

The materials for general industry are a handout giving, in table form, the significant changes to the standard through June 1995.

The materials for the construction industry include a handout describing significant issues addressed by the standard and a set of 80 slides detailing provisions of the standard.

A set of these materials has been provided to each of the following offices:

 Other sources:

Online Introductory Training

Better still.... try this new online two-hour general awareness training program for the maintenance and custodial staffs of the Olathe School District.  It's presented in both Spanish AND English, which makes it a valuable resource!  it's called Asbestos Awareness Training Module

You can get there two ways - open the site here - or open in a new window .  

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