TSCA Premanufacture Notice Forms
(PMN forms)

PMN Forms and Information

TSCA Premanufacture Notices - Everything You Need to Know!
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TSCA Premanufacture Notices - Everything You Need to Know!

Paper Premanufacture Notice Form, Part 1(675 Kb PDF)

 Paper Premanufacture Notice Form, Part 2 (525 Kb PDF)

 Electronic Premanufacture Notice Form Exit Disclaimer

 PMN Instruction Manual for Content (1.37 Mb PDF)

Revised instructions regarding TS-number duplication

 What information must be submitted about new chemical substances?

 A graphic of the PMN form (542 Kb PDF), with annotations, has been developed for its internal use by the 3M Company, and a copy is available here in PDF format.

 Fees for submitting PMNs

 Rejection Policy for Incomplete PMNs

 How to File a Notice of Commencement of Manufacture or Import

 Notice of Commencement of Manufacture or Import Form (Adobe 84 Kb PDF)

 Can the right to manufacture a new chemical substance be transferred to a different person?

Get the forms here!

The forms are also available here as PDF files to download, print and use. If you would like them as a Word or Word Perfect file, email us and we will convert them for you.

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Guidance for Avoiding Incomplete PMNs

bulletChemical Identity Requirements Under the New PMN Rule   (PDF format)
bulletCommon Errors Found in Section 5 Notices   (PDF format)
bulletHow to Fill Out the PMN Form   (PDF format)
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