Polluters: Environmental Criminals, Consent Decrees and Other Pollution Cases

Environmental Polluter (and Other Violators) of the Week
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*True cases of environmental criminals and other violators and violations of environmental laws, regulations, statutes and pollution standards from real court cases and consent decrees

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The EPA and its federal, state and local law enforcement partners investigate and prosecute significant and egregious violations of environmental laws. These investigations involve, but are not limited to, the illegal disposal of hazardous waste; the illegal discharge of pollutants to a water of the United States; the illegal importation of certain restricted or regulated chemicals into the United States; tampering with a drinking water supply; mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering relating to environmental criminal activities.

People often ask us, "It seems like companies get away with polluting all the time, just look at Exxon and the Valdez!"  While it may be true that some companies treat the environment, your community's well-being and your health like a doormat and act as though their crimes are nothing more than a public relations expense; individuals and companies are being caught all the time.  And the penalties are severe!  Follow Detective Joe Friday and read on to learn about the appalling gall of these jerks and their crimes.

It is EHSO's opinion that our society's obsession with money and instant wealth, combined with a generally apathetic public, and politicians more concerned with polls than pollution is leading to an increase in pollution and deliberate polluters.   If you suspect a persistent polluter in your area, email us (or click here to use the EPA's report a violator form) for instructions to assist the EPA in catching him!   To search a company's compliance history, click here!

Disclaimer: The following news stories are all taken verbatim from EPA releases, so don't even think of trying to sue us if you or your firm's name is here! We will WELCOME the publicity! Will your company?

EPA Fugitives - Captured/Surrendered

Follow the links below to see information about fugitives who have either been captured and returned to federal authorities or who have surrendered to federal authorities. They will face their original charges; have a sentence imposed against them; or complete their original sentence. To view a complete listing of EPA Fugitives still at-large, please see EPA Fugitives.

Current Fugitives

To read each fugitive profile, click the image:

photograph of fugitive Yousef Abuteir photograph of fugitive Omran Alghazouli  photograph of fugitive Mahmoud Almhchie  photograph of fugitive Butch Bustamonte   photograph of fugitive Raul Chavez Beltran     photograph of fugitive Alessandro Giordano  photograph of fugitive Carlos Giordano photograph of fugitive John Karayannides  photograph of Fugitive Aage Lokkebraten  photograph of fugitive Freik Pluimers  photograph of fugitive Michael Psomadakis  Fugitive Peter Solemdal  Fugitive Knut Sorboe  photograph of fuigitive Jimmy Szypulski  photograph of fugitive Mauro Valenzuela  photograph of fugitive Jun Wang 


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2015 Polluter and environmental enforcement cases

02/12/2015 U.S. EPA requires safer handling of PCBs in Imperial and Riverside Counties
02/10/2015 EPA Inspections Reveal Hazardous Waste Violations at ABC Labs of Columbia, Mo.
02/09/2015 National wholesale grocery distributor, Supervalu Holdings, Inc., agrees to settle EPA violations and protect local waters from stormwater pollution
02/05/2015 Compliance with environmental laws protects air, land, and water in communities across Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
02/05/2015 EPA Welcomes New “Top Cop” for Criminal Enforcement Program in New England
02/02/2015 Newfield Production agrees to resolve alleged wetlands violations at production sites in Uintah and Duchesne counties (Utah)
01/28/2015 EPA and DOE to Resolve Hanford Hazardous Waste Violations
01/23/2015 $2 billion in funds headed for cleanups in Nevada and on the Navajo Nation from historic Anadarko settlement with U.S. EPA, States
01/22/2015 Owners and Managers of Former Salvage Operations at Former Textile Plant in Tennessee Sentenced to Prison for Conspiracy Associated with Illegal Asbestos Removal
Conspirators ordered to pay $10.3 million in restitution
01/22/2015 Medford, Mass. Company Settles with EPA for Oil Spill
01/22/2015 Anderson, S.C., Woman Gets Prison for Extensive Bank Fraud Scam and Environmental Crime
Nancy Stein operated American Screw and Rivet Corporation which was also sentenced
01/15/2015 EPA Inspection Leads to Safer Work Practices at Fort Dodge, Iowa, Water Treatment Plant
01/09/2015 EPA Inspection Reveals Violations of Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule for Dynamic Porch and Patio of Independence, Mo.
01/08/2015 EPA settles with Gly-Tek, Inc. (Idaho) for delayed sulfuric acid spill reporting
01/08/2015 DuPont Fined for Air Pollution at Deepwater, New Jersey
01/07/2015 EPA, ADEC continue diesel spill cleanup in creek after company fails to complete contamination removal
01/07/2015 Richard Phillips Marine, Inc. and Clackamas County resolve Clean Water Act violation in Sandy River
01/06/2015 Inhance Technologies LLC to Spend $239,000 to Settle Clean Air, Emergency Planning Violations in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri
01/05/2015 Fort Smith, Arkansas Agrees to Upgrade Sewer System to Reduce Discharges of Raw Sewage into Local Waterways / City will also develop a program to help low income communities improve sewer infrastructure


Don't know which EPA Region You are in?  City and County of Honolulu wastewater treatment plants’ exemptions not renewed / Sand Island and Honouliuli plants will be required to upgrade to full secondary treatment bullet01/05/2009 - See the news about the SEC indictment of Waste Management former senior officers - Dean Buntrock and Phil Rooney and others! These guys were doing "Enron" long before you ever heard of Enron!

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