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Help For Students Writing A School Report

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Tips for Researching and Writing a School Report
Selected Topics For School Reports
Conducting Your Own Research
Being A Good Consumer and Citizen

Tips for Researching and Writing a School Report

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Get Information from Multiple Sources

Assure that the Information you get is reliable

  • Health Information on Line
    Provides tips and links for finding information on the web as well as advice to help you determine the reliability of different web sites.
  • Recognizing Good Research
    Provides guidance for evaluating a research study's scientific standards
    (from International Food Information Council).
  • Understanding and Interpreting Scientific Studies
    Provides an overview for understanding and interpreting food and health-related scientific studies (from International Food Information Council).
  • A Guide to Finding Reliable Information
    Advice from the World Health Organization to help internet users obtain reliable, independent, and comparable information on the internet.

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Use the facts to write your own report, don't copy word-for-word

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Selected Topics for School Reports

History of Food and Cosmetic Regulation in The USA

Current Food and Cosmetic Program

Specific Food & Cosmetic Topics

Crosscutting Topics

  • How Laws Are Made
    Provides a brief overview from the House of Representatives on how federal laws are made.
  • Food Law and Regulation
    Provides access to the full text of federal government regulations and laws.
  • Consumer Research on Food Labels and Food Safety
    Provides brief summaries of consumer research conducted by FDA and USDA

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Conducting Your Own Research

 Being a Good Consumer and Citizen

Other Related Government Websites

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