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Fire Safety for the Homeowner

The Ten Most Popular Fire Fighting Websites:

1.  Welcome to CDF - California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection - This site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on 7/7/98.

2.  The Fire-EMS Information firefighting info on the web

3.  Los Angeles Fire Department Home Page - The official home page of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

4.  Fire Departments, Fire-EMS Information Network


6.  HFD, City and County of Honolulu   Honolulu Fire Department City and County of Honolulu     

7.  Northwest Fire Careers latest edition contains current Firefighter employment information on over 40 fire departments located through out the Pacific Northwest.  

8.  FDNY New York City Fire Department - The unofficial home page of the F.D.N.Y (Fire Department of New York City)

9.  Fire Fighting . com Resource Page   - FireFighting news and photos plus firefighter rescue and emergency services training and news

10. Fire Museum Network - Formed to promote fire museums in North America, the network provides a museum directory, bulletin board, and news updates. Find out how to become a member.  

Resource Networks

Directory of Firefighters Businesses
Off-duty firefighters can list information for their businesses, or seek opportunities for part-time employment.

Fire Museum Network
Formed to promote fire museums in North America, the network provides a museum directory, bulletin board, and news updates. Find out how to become a member.

Fire-EMS Information Network
Large collection of links related to fire and emergency-medical services includes associations, agencies and schools. Offers a message center.

Get the latest news involving fire fighters from across the nation. Also features a directory of departments and message forums.

Toads Favorite Fire Pads
Fire-fighter enthusiast provides a history of fire fighting, tributes, fire departments and fire museums. Includes an article on CPR.

US Fire Administration - National Fire Academy
Offers courses and programs designed to help fire personnel respond more effectively to emergencies. Access application forms and training resources.  

Fire Marshals

bullet State Fire Marshals

Fire-related sites

bullet Automatic Fire Alarm Association bullet Congressional Fire Services Institute bullet College Grants for Dependents of Firefighters bullet Consumer Product Safety Commission bullet Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) bullet Fire Safety House Manufacturer bullet International Association of Fire Chiefs bullet International Association of Firefighters bullet Law Enforcement Media Resource Center bullet Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABA) Division HQ bullet National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors bullet National Association of State Fire Marshals (NASFM) bullet National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association bullet National Fallen Firefighters Foundations bullet National Fire Protection Association bullet National Fire Sprinkler Association bullet National Insurance Crime Bureau bullet National Volunteer Fire Council bullet Propane Safety bullet Residential Fire Safety Institute bullet Sparky the Fire Dog (NFPA) bullet Sprinkler Age Index bullet The Fire Station bullet Underwriter's Laboratories bullet U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission bullet United States Fire Administration bullet USEPA Fact Sheet - RMP Law bullet USEPA OUST Information bullet USFA Firefighter Duty Deaths

  bullet Congressional Fire Services Institute [email protected] bullet Emergency Response & Research Institute bullet Fire & EMS Information Network bullet Fire & EMS Information Network Bulletin Board bullet Fire Engineering magazine bullet
See the photos of firefighters in action all over the world. Also includes a charity network, poetry, and firefighting resources. bullet Firehouse.Com

Get the latest news involving fire fighters from across the nation. Also features a directory of departments and message forums.
bullet FireNet
Global index concerned with rural and landscape fires, and covering aspects of fire science and management.
bullet * Firesafe - Fire and Safety Directory bullet International Assoc. of Fire Chiefs
Provides the Chief Officers of volunteer Fire, Rescue, and EMS departments with info and education. Find a newsletter, forum, and links. bullet International Fire Service Training Association bullet International Society of Fire Service Instructors - web site:
The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) is renowned for the training and educational programs provided for instructors and training personnel in the fire and emergency response community. The Society assists in developing the educational and training skills that are critical to the fire, life safety and emergency response community.         email: [email protected] bullet Japan: Fire Department Tokyo    Profile, links, chat, patch, list of Japanese fire departments, technology, visiting fire experts from "the worlds largest" fire department. bullet Japan: Fire Departments   List of links to Japanese fire departments courtesy of Tokyo's fire department. bullet Maryland Emergency Management Agency bullet Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute bullet Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency bullet Missouri Fire & Rescue Institute bullet Montgomery County Department of Fire and Rescue Services bullet National Fire Academy bullet *National Fire Protection Association bullet NFPA Journal [email protected] bullet NFPA Update [email protected] bullet National Volunteer Fire Council bullet North Carolina Hazardous Materials Regional Response Team #4 bullet Oklahoma State University bullet Pennsylvania Firemen  [email protected] bullet Texas A & M Fire Training, [email protected] bullet US Air Force Fire Protection bullet US Coast Guard R & D Center bullet Volunteer Fire Services bullet Fire and EMS Network [*] - directory of EMS and fire departments, message boards, events calendar, and other information and resources. bullet All You Ever Wanted to Know About Fire Extinguishers - covers the different types and how to use them. bullet California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection - protects the people of California from fires, responds to emergencies, and protects and enhances forest, range, and watershed value providing social, economic, and environmental benefits to rural and urban citizens. bullet Cannonball Express, The - Palo Alto-based video project in progress which covers urban firestorms, fire safety and environmental issues. bullet College Fire Safety - provides information about fire danger and the virtues of sprinkler systems on college campuses. bullet Equal Opportunities and Fairness at Work - information and resources about sexual and racial discrimination within the fire service. bullet FEMA: A Fire Safety Campaign for Babies and Toddlers - a fire safety campaign complete with resources for learning and teaching how to protect young children from residential fires. bullet Fire Administration Kids Page - learn about smoke alarms, escape planning, and home fire safety. bullet Fire Fighters Creed bullet Fire News bullet Fire Station, The - links to fire departments and associations in the United States and worldwide. Information on employment, research, hazmat, EMS and fire protection related businesses. bullet - directory of fire protection degree and certification programs, as well as other fire-related links. bullet - active fire incidents with live radio channel audio. Includes real-time response stats and Palm VII access. bullet Firefighter Central - offers history, collectibles, job information, and more. bullet - provides firefighting information, education, interaction, jobs, photos, and more. bullet Firefighters Recipes Cookbook - database of recipes submitted by firefighters. bullet Firefighters' Real Stories - dedicated to those men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to help their fellow men and women. bullet - news and training portal with online firefighter videos and photo library. bullet - directory of memorials, departments, associations, and other fire protection resources. bullet - contains news, obituaries, departments, museums, and photos of shields, armpatches, helmets, stations, and more. bullet Firehall - links to associations, departments, commisioners, and other related sites. bullet Firehouse, The - fun and information for firefighters. bullet - news and information for the emergency services industry. bullet - online fire hydrant resource. bullet FireNet - independent site promoting fire safety for the public and fire fighter alike. bullet FireSafe - local fire and safety resource directory. bullet - includes user forums for volunteer and professional firefighters to read and post tips on all aspects of their profession. bullet FireWeb - information for the fire service community. bullet Kids Fire Safety Tips - Buzzy the Smoke Detector and Reddy the Fire Extinguisher teach kids to be fire safe with easy to do tips. bullet Networked Resources for Fire Protection - collection of public and members-only articles and publications. From the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors. bullet New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) bullet Sparky the Fire Dog - Sparky hosts this website for kids ages 6-9 and their families, filled with fun and educational activities about fire and life safety. bullet The Bravest - offering live fire dispatches for Boston, MA, New York City, NY, and Providence, RI. bullet TIME: Portrait of a Firefighter - photo essay of firefighter Mike Kehoe, from September 11th and how that day changed his life. bullet Western States Fire Information Resource - information directory designed for fire and emergency services professionals. bullet Wildland Firefighters - includes photos, discussion, and fire-related links. bullet Women in the Fire Service Network - dedicated to women who protect and serve their communities across the country. bullet Women in the Fire Service, Inc. - information about women's issues in the fire service as well as networking and support for women firefighters. bullet World Fire Departments - contains firefighting news stories, photos of trucks and rigs, directory of departments around the world, humor, and more.

Provides volunteer emergency services and EMS and fire rescue support. Offers arson seminars, awards, membership, and regulation details.

Fire Safety in the Home

Fire Prevention in the Home
Short summary of hints and tips for preventing home fires from The Senior Corner.

Resources for people with homes in fire prone areas of North America. Find fire safety video clips, forums, publications and events.

New York Dept. of State - Fire Safety Kids' Room
Kids' fire safety site provides pictures and information on arson dogs, teaches fire safety lessons, and provides answers to childrens' questions about fire.

Police Notebook - Fire Safety
University of Oklahoma Police Department offers fire prevention articles and safety tips. Learn how to use a fire extinguisher and more.

United States Fire Administration - Kids Page
USFA presents a resource aimed at teaching youths fire prevention strategies and survival tips.

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