Training Schedule: Classes for EPA, OSHA and DOT Training

Our EPA/OSHA training classes are offered in three formats:

  1. Regularly Scheduled Classes - ( listed on this page ) - Classes are normally scheduled about 3 months in advance, so check back to this page.   We are also adding new locations in the next few weeks.   If you have more questions, please contact us for the fastest response!
  2. Classes arranged in places and locations as interest demands - Tell us where and when you'd like a class and we'll arrange it with others to keep your costs down.
  3. Custom classes at your location - Email EHSO or call us at 770-645-0788

    The schedule is being revised at this very moment, but contact us or call us at 770-645-0788 for a current schedule of the classes in your areas.   The following is a typical example of the most recent 3 months.   We are adding both new locations and more classes.

    Similarly, if you are a trainer and want to offer your services, contact us, as we are continually evaluating trainers and adding qualified new affiliates to expand our coverage area. 

Process Safety Management, Respiratory Protection, forklift training, etc.- Email EHSO for more information! <

Trainers and Training Providers: EHSO is looking for more trainers and training companies to handle our overflow.  Email us to discuss becoming affiliates!

This page was updated on 30-Mar-2016